A downloadable game for Windows

is a short VR-platform game for native OSVR

Your goal is to climb a skyscraper.

If you do not have a VR Headset, it will run in 2D & its still a pretty hard platformer.

It was developed using Unity.


- Ray-casting platform mechanics

- 4 short levels

- Skyline in the background; Sci-Fi interior in the front

- neon-style that complements the OSVR OLED display

Game should run on any VR System at at least 60 fps.

How to run the game:

Start OSVR-Server before starting the game if you want to play in VR-Mode.


Left Arrow / Right Arrow - Move

Space - Jump

2x Space - Double Jump

Walljumps are enabled

Tested using OSVR HDK2 & Driver installer 0.7.0 Beta.


MGRay_ioi01rlz.zip - 64bit 2D & VR 59 MB

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